The name Haven is well earned…

Some ten years ago I contacted Ken McColl with a view to wintering Wender, our 116 year old carvel gaff cutter, after a recommendation from a long term customer who kept his yacht at KYH.

Our subsequent visit confirmed that Wender would be well cared for in and out of the water. It is a great advantage for an absentee owner, to know that the owners live on site within yards of one’s ‘treasured national heritage!’ both to port and starboard. Inspections of wooden yachts, at frequent intervals, are essential.

If some work has to be carried out the moving of the yacht and subsequent shipwright activities are carried out under cover in a well equipped workshop with accessible back up and stores facilities. The service is friendly (plenty of banter and laughs) and the advice the amateur receives when doing DIY is greatly appreciated.

KYH is a boatyard with a passion for proper boats. The name Haven is well earned: safe, friendly and accommodating.

AJ & SM Poole, Devon